D4S 2100

The main goal is a comprehensive study and popularization of traditional food and kitchen utensils of the Kazakh people.

D4S 1907

In the study and promotion of national cuisine, not only a scientific and informative approach is required, but also practical skills. To date, traditional national food is not in great demand, but by enriching them with additional types of food, it is possible to influence the adaptation of the food sample to modern requirements. Currently, the study of traditional national cuisine is relevant, since it allows us to understand the true way of life of the Kazakh people, its relationship with the environment, traditions and customs. Despite the fact that the traditional food system has some self-sufficiency, significant changes in food consumption are also widespread in the community. Today it is important to follow traditional methods of cooking, as well as use food and drinks in everyday life, traditions, religious ceremonies and traditional medicine. Keeping the traditional culture of the Kazakh people, it is necessary to pay special attention to the popularization of national cuisine - one of the most important ethnic symbols based on national values.

D4S 2123