D4S 6853

Purpose: The celebration of Nauryz is the revival of the long-forgotten national traditions of the Kazakh people; call on the people for unity and solidarity; be closer to nature and respect it; popularization of the museum.

D4S 6900

In 2017, concepts, programs, scenarios were developed and events organized in the museum format to modernize and popularize the traditional culture of the Kazakh people. During the event, young people demonstrated their skills and achievements in the field of traditional music, arts and crafts and fine arts, as well as ethno-design in order to promote and revive traditional art. To modernize the national art, there was organized a fashion show " Ғылыми жаңғыртылған және жаңа стильдегі ұлттық киімдер ". There were also presentations and master classes of the village workshop on the theme: " Жаңғырған сәндік-қолданбалы өнер ". In order to revive the national musical heritage, a national karaoke was organized and a children's concert " Көктем шақырады " was held.

D4S 7367