In the article of President Nursultan Nazarbayev “Course towards the future: modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity” noted “Even a largely modernized society contains the codes of culture, the origins of which go back to the past. The first condition for a new type of modernization is the preservation of its culture, its own national code. Without this, modernization will turn into an empty sound. The new modernization should not, as before, look arrogantly at historical experience and traditions. On the contrary, it must make the best traditions a prerequisite, an important condition for the success of modernization. Without reliance on national and cultural roots, modernization will hang in the air”.
    The location of the Kazakh land on the Eurasian continent was the source of many cultural and historical trends that have occurred for thousands of years due to the existence of various natural and climatic zones. The cultural heritage, which for many decades continuously developed in the Great Steppes, both material (archaeological) and spiritual (traditions, traditions, musical heritage, decorations, doctrines of nature and the Universe, etc.), has reached us in integrity and preservation. Our national code is an archaeological and spiritual heritage!
    The task of today's generation is to preserve, explore, modernize, revitalize, spread and pass on to future generations an inheritance inherited from ancestors. As a young nation that is twenty-six years old, there is still something that has already been done in this direction and what needs to be done. Taking into account the fact that some elements of the nationwide global and social transformations threaten the loss of national security, the actual problem is the preservation of the national identity and its modern modernization.
    Our country needs a general scientific and scientific publication that collects and analyzes national values, systematically explores, revitalizes and revitalizes the heritage, promotes museums and museums-reserves. That is why the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan plans to publish its scientific division "Legacy of the Great Steppe" twice a year with its structural subdivision - Research Institute "Halyk Kazynasy".
    The main objective of the annual publication is to discuss topical issues in the archaeological, spiritual heritage, the museum, the restoration and nature protection zones of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries, as well as the "Tuhan zher" program, the results of scientific research and the publication of news on the toponymy of this program.
    We hope that the scientific publication within the framework of the scientific and information system of Kazakhstan will contribute to strengthening cooperation between the state and competent local authorities, heirs, associations, research institutes and museums working in these fields, as well as scientific provision of their services.