Laboratory of Physical Anthropology is headed by the famous anthropologist, academician O. Ismagulov.
The results of the comprehensive program of studying the modern Kazakh population indicate that the Kazakh nation has its own anthropological status on such indicators as somatology, odontology, dermatoglyphics, serology and craniology. Therefore, the formation of the physical features of the Kazakh people has its roots in the ancient times, the length of which is more than four millennia.

Laboratory of primary conservation and restoration of archaeological artifacts is functioning in several directions, focused on the study and preservation of cultural heritage. The materials restored in the lab from the ancient monuments subsequently replenish the funds of the National Museum of Kazakhstan, and the most representative findings are exhibited in the museum.
One of the most important areas of the laboratory is research and analysis of ceramics, namely studying engineering and technology of ancient pottery. This direction is widely used for reconstruction of the material culture of ancient communities. The essence of the technical and technological analysis conducted by specialists of the laboratory is analyzing the technology of producing ceramic items, namely the analysis and definition of the process of preparing the molding composition, drying and firing of ceramics. Technical and technological analysis conducted by experts of laboratory allow us to consider the totality of the data about the technique and technology of pottery production, as a unique instrument of studying the development processes of ancient societies.
Laboratory specialists also carry out conservation and restoration of archaeological metal. Its main task is to stop the process of breaking up the metal and, as far as possible, preserve historical information in the exhibits.